Support Services

Engineering Consultancy/Surveying

Day to day operations are treated with high importance by excellent leaders and we are here to support that. Giving you precise information to help steer you in the right direction so that your job is seamless, is what we aim for at all times.

DCMS has taken the time to choose its Engineers and Surveyors very carefully to ensure that our clients are confident and at ease when they call on us. We offer inspections of your facilities, ships and marine environment and our clients are always satisfied.

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We welcome you to confide in us about your operations’ issues that you might find complicated and we will do our best to advise you of the most befitting resolution. By drawing on the many decades of knowledge and experience of our Consultants we are more than 90% sure to satisfy your concerns in a short space of time… even on short notice. During October 2019, a ship set sailed on its voyage and had a failed generator shaft bearing, but had not the special tool to effect a repair… DCMS clever engineers were consulted to give advice and guidance to create an ingenious solution for the situation, that ensured a successful repair in less than 10 hours downtime, though of non-stop work from the crew onboard.
Call us… let’s discuss… let’s find the solution.

Marine Equipment Sales/Repairs

Finding the equipment, gears and accessories your ship needs can be frustrating sometimes. At DCMS, as your agent, we source and supply you with the right items every time.

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Rest assured that when your vessel (or yacht) arrives at the next port, your items will be there waiting and they will be exactly what you ordered. For times when you are unsure of what is more suitable for a particular situation onboard, we will help you to make the best choice, by applying our decades of experience and knowledge of the many categories of marine equipment.

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At DCMS no equipment comes as a surprise and every service/repairs are safely done in a manner of excellence. The accreditations of each technical staff member are from reputable organizations and tertiary institutions like: US Coast Guard, Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), Maritime Professional Training institute (Florida), Caribbean Maritime University, Lloyds Maritime University, Kent College and South Tyneside College.
With DCMS you are in good hands. Call us… Let’s talk… we are at your service.

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