Crewing Services

We stand by the OFFICERS & CREW we select for you… We say this because DCMS Ltd comes with a fresh approach to make crewing a no-brainer and no stress to you. Our Crew Personnel department ensures that each candidate for your ship is knowledgeable to the specific needs of your operations. Click here to start finding the right crew for you (luxury/commercial).

At DCMS Ltd we believe that professional manning of your vessels by highly qualified seafarers guarantees the perfect operation of your ships. This not only lessens costs, but also helps to sustain your profits.

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We will provide you with the Captain that works 48 hours per day for you. Our choice of crew members for your vessel is to maintain a high standard of work ethics onboard your ships. We guarantee you the best collection of seafarers to man your vessels anywhere in the world. Click here to start finding the right crew for you (Luxury Yachts/Employers).

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